Add Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins to Your Retirement Account!

Did you know that you can legally add gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins to your retirement account? Coins that are allowed in a retirement fund such as an IRA, Roth, and SEP include U.S. Eagle coins and Canadian Maple Leaf coin.  

Silver and Gold Eagles were introduced in 1986 as the first U.S. bullion coins, and in 1997 the Taxpayer Relief Act made it legal to include these bullion coins in an IRA or other self-directed retirement account.  To be eligible, the bullion coin must be manufactured by a government mint such as the U.S. Mint or Royal Canadian Mint.  Coins can be ungraded or graded (such as MS70 or PR70 condition). 

The only “catch” is that you can not take physical possession of the coins.  Instead, they must be sent directly to the bank or other third-party trustee that oversees your account.  

Traditional gold coins such as $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins and Morgan Silver Dollars can not be included in your retirement portfolio, since they are primarily “collectible” and do not meet the “bullion” standard.  

Among the most popular bullion coins to add to your retirement account are the following: 

  • SILVER: U.S. Silver Eagle, Canada Silver Maple Leaf, China Silver Panda, and U.K. Silver Britannia. 
  • GOLD: U.S. Gold Eagle, U.S. American Buffalo, Canada Gold Maple Leaf, Australia Gold Kangaroo, Mexico Gold Libertad, and U.K. Gold Britannia. 
  • PLATINUM: U.S. Platinum Eagle and Canada Platinum Maple Leaf. 

Of course, before acquiring any bullion coins for a retirement account, you should talk to a tax expert and your retirement account manager to understand the risks and to make sure you are in compliance with the current rules and regulations. 



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