Add these key coins to your Silver Eagle collection!

A new year is always an exciting time for collectors because of all the new coins issued by the U.S. Mint. Every year, there is a standout star, and in 2017 that star looks like being the Silver Eagle from the 2017 “Congratulations Set.”  

The set featured just a single coin – the 2017 Silver Eagle Proof struck at the San Francisco Mint. It was a limited edition of only 75,000 sets, and they sold out at the U.S. Mint within TWO MINUTES of being placed on sale. The Silver Eagle contains one ounce of 99.9% silver. 

Regular Silver Eagle Proofs are struck at the West Point Mint, but this is the first Proof edition ever struck at San Francisco. The edition limit of 75,000 makes it the rarest Silver Eagle since the 1995-W coin that now sells for over $4,000 (if you can find one!) 

Fortunately, we were among the lucky few to get hold of a handful of these coins within the first two minutes, before they sold out. A very small number of coins have been graded as perfect PR70 DCAM by ANACS, one of the premier independent coin grading companies – so these are the most perfect examples of a unique U.S. coin! 

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to add the two regular 2017 Silver Eagles to your collection – the Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof editions. They are both available in perfect “70” quality, so they are the ideal way to complete your collection of 2017 coins. 

There are also two other Silver Eagle coins that are noteworthy additions:

  • 2013 –W Reverse Proof – the first Reverse Proof from the West Point Mint and one of the lowest mintage coins in the series.
  • 2016-W 30th Anniversary Proof – the special commemorative edition with “30th Anniversary” engraved on the edge.

Both of these special coins are also available in perfect “70” condition. 

Obviously, all of these coins are in extremely short supply, especially in perfect “70” condition, so it is essential to contact us right away before they sell out.

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