America’s Largest Coin …

Five-Ounce Silver Quarters Series Continues 

Unknown to most collectors, the U.S. Mint in 2010 introduced one of the most unusual coins in its long history dating back more than two centuries. When Congress authorized the National Parks Quarters to take the place of the State Quarters starting in 2010, it also authorized the mint to produce a five-ounce silver bullion version of each coin. 

Never before had the U.S. Mint made a bullion version of a current circulating coin design … and never before had it struck a coin so large or so heavy. Previously, the largest silver coin was the one-ounce Silver Eagle that was made annually since 1986; the largest coin of any type was the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition $50 gold coin that was made with nearly 2.5 ounces of gold. 

The National Parks Quarters silver bullion coins are issued at about the same time as the regular coins. Each design is issued as both Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof, and each is a very limited edition. In fact, the lowest mintage for a Brilliant Uncirculated coin is 14,863 for the 2010 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park coin, and the lowest mintage for a Proof coin is 20,000 for the 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes and Denali National Parks coins. 

NEW: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park FIVE-OUNCE Silver Coin. 

To coincide with the release of the regular Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Quarter on June 6, 2016, the U.S. Mint also issued the five-ounce silver bullion version of the coin on the same day. 

Like all other five-ounce silver bullion coins, the Harpers Ferry bullion coin features identical obverse and reverse designs to the standard coin issued for circulation: John Brown’s Fort on the reverse and George Washington on the obverse. All the inscriptions are also identical, including the “QUARTER DOLLAR” denomination since the five-ounce silver coin also has a legal tender face value of 25¢! 

However, the five-ounce silver coin is a massive three inches in diameter and the silver weight and purity are incused on the edge. 

Due to the extremely limited mintages – both in terms of time and quantity – very few people know the five-ounce silver coins exist. They are one of America’s best-kept secrets, and only those “in the know” will ever be able to own even a single coin. 

The next five-ounce silver coin will be the Theodore Roosevelt National Park design in late August.

To order this or any of the five-ounce silver bullion coins in the series, please call 844-FRK-MINT (844-375-6468)


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