Celebrate the San Francisco Mint’s Anniversary!

The U.S. Mint in San Francisco is one of America’s most famous and most storied mints. Located in the heart of the “Wild West,” it struck many of America’s iconic coins, including the legendary Morgan Silver Dollar. Fifty years ago in 1968, it started striking U.S. Proof Sets for the first time – and now, in conjunction with the official 50th anniversary celebrations, you can acquire a magnificent array of coins bearing the coveted “S” mint mark.


2012 2-Piece Silver Eagles Set

The current San Francisco Mint building opened in 1937, and to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2012 it produced a stunning set of Silver Eagles: Proof and Reverse Proof. The Reverse Proof is the only such coin ever made in San Francisco, while the Proof was a special edition (since the regular Proof was made at the West Point Mint). These are among the lowest-mintage Silver Eagles in history, and they are presented in the original U.S. government packaging with the original Certificate of Authenticity.


Last S-Mint Morgan Silver Dollar

The final year of mintage of the Morgan Silver Dollar was almost a century ago in 1921, and this coin was struck in 1921 at the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. The coin was made in 90% silver and was the largest U.S. silver coin issued for circulation. This is a are opportunity to own one of America’s greatest coins … with the celebrated “S” mint mark on the reverse. It is protectively encapsulated and comes in a wooden display box.


San Francisco Mint 2018 Silver Reverse Proof Set

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first Proof Set in 1968, the San Francisco Mint produced an exclusive, first-ever set of Reverse Proof coins in 2018. This was the first time the U.S. Mint had made a complete Proof Set with the Reverse Proof finish – and it includes the first Reverse Proof Lincoln Penny, Jefferson Nickel, America the Beautiful Quarters, and Native American Dollar in U.S. history. What’s more, the Quarters, Roosevelt Dime, and Kennedy Half Dollar are 90% silver! The set contains 10 coins in the original U.S. government packaging with the original Certificate of Authenticity.


1968 First “S” Mint Proof Set

The perfect match to the 50th anniversary 2018 Reverse Proof Set! The first Proof Set from the San Francisco Mint was in 1968, and it included the first 40% silver coin ever made as a Proof – the Kennedy Half Dollar. Also included in the 1968 Proof Set are the first-ever Roosevelt Dime and Washington Quarter struck as Proofs in copper-nickel. Each coin bears the “S” mint mark, and the set is in the original U.S. government packaging with the original Certificate of Authenticity.


Complete S-Mint Franklin Half Dollars

The Franklin Silver Half Dollar was made only from 1948 to 1963, but the U.S. Mint in San Francisco struck fewer Franklin Silver Half Dollars than any other branch of the U.S. Mint. In fact, the coin was made in San Francisco with the “S” mint mark in only five years: 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, and 1954 – and this collection features all five coins in a deluxe presentation case.



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