Celebrate Veteran's Day!

Veterans Day – November 11 – is the day we honor our military veterans for their heroic service in the armed forces. Without their commitment, we would not be free today. 

Now, as we approach Veterans Day 2017, this is the perfect time to pick up official U.S. silver dollars issued in recognition of those who served – for yourself and as great “thank you” gifts to family and friends who are veterans. Each coin was struck in 90% silver and is the same size and silver weight as a classic Morgan silver dollar … and each is delivered in the original U.S. Mint packaging. Best of all, you can SAVE UP TO 40% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICES. They are: 

  • 1991 Korean War Memorial Commemorative Silver Proof Dollar.

Issued in 1991, this was one of the earliest modern U.S. commemorative silver dollars. It was issued on the 38th anniversary of the end of the Korean War; although the 38th anniversary may seem like a strange landmark, it actually makes sense because of the 38th parallel that divided North and South Korea during the war. This coin has been out of issue for over a quarter-century, and this is the stunning Proof edition. 

  • 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Proof Dollar.

Many of our veterans carry with them the scars of battle, and many are disabled as a result of their service to our country. This moving coin was issued in connection with groundbreaking for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington, D.C., and it is a tribute to our disabled veterans’ courage, loyalty, and sacrifice. The proof coin was struck at the West Point Mint. 

  • 2011 United States Army Commemorative Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated.

The U.S. Army was founded in 1775 at the start of the American Revolution, and George Washington was its first general and commander in chief. The silver dollar was the first U.S. coin specifically honoring the U.S. Army, but it was made for only a short time in 2011. It makes a great gift for any veteran. 

  • 2005 Marines Commemorative Silver Proof Dollar.

To mark the 230th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Marines in 1775, the U.S. Mint struck a stunning silver dollar with the most famous image of Marines: raising the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima in World War II. The reverse shows the Marines insignia. The coin is a proof that was struck to the highest quality possible at the U.S. Mint.

 In addition, you can also pick up a stunning collection of coins, stamps, and bank notes dating from World War II:

  • WWII Historic 23-Piece Coin, Note, & Stamp World Collection.

This stunning, comprehensive collection includes U.S. coins and stamps – highlighted by the “emergency” one-time-only 1943 steel Lincoln Penny and 1942-1945 35% silver Jefferson Nickel. You will also receive German World War II coins, German “Hitler Head” stamps, Japanese “Invasion” notes that were intended to replace bank notes in nations occupied in the Pacific, and so much more. A fascinating and historic collection that spans the world and traces the history of World War II.


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