December Deals – Great Stocking Stuffers!

December is here … and this is the perfect time to stock up on great stocking stuffers for the holiday season. Everyone will love these stunning gifts!

 Christmas Colorized $2 Bill

Colorized currency is always popular, and this genuine $2 bill has been colorized to celebrate the Christmas season … so it makes a superb holiday gift. The $2 bill was issued by the U.S. government and has been beautifully colorized to create an attractive item that can be displayed in any home or office.

 Half Pound of Wheatback Pennies

The beloved Lincoln Wheatback Penny was last made almost 60 years ago in 1958. One of the most popular of all U.S. coins, it’s almost impossible to find even a single coin today – but this is your chance to own a full half pound of genuine Lincoln Wheatback Pennies made between 1909 and 1958, complete with a special presentation bag. You never know what treasures you’ll find … and it provides hours of educational fun for all the family.

 WWII Unique Penny Collection

During World War II, the U.S. Mint produced some unique and unusual Lincoln Pennies – and this collection brings together the complete set of these coins from the World War II years, 1941-1945. Each year’s coin was made at the U.S. Mints in Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (“D” mint mark under the date), and San Francisco (“S” mint mark). You’ll receive:

  • 1941 and 1942 – struck in the standard 95% copper composition.
  • 1943 – the only steel coin in U.S. history. The 1943 coin was made in steel because copper was needed for shell cases and other war-related items.
  • 1944 and 1945 – made with recycled copper from shell cases recovered from battlefields and battleships around the world.

 WWII Coin Collection

This unique collection dating from World War II features three of the most unusual coins in U.S. Mint history: a one-time-only 1943 steel Lincoln Penny, a 1944-1945 Lincoln Penny made with recycled copper from shell cases recovered from battlefields and battleships, and an “emergency” 1942-1945 Jefferson Nickel that was made in 35% silver because nickel was needed for guns, tanks, and airplanes.

 America’s Classic Coins

This fabulous collection features three classic U.S. coins – including two that were last struck by the U.S. Mint more than a century ago. What’s more, they highlight beautiful deigns that have become symbols of America’s “Wild West” era.

  • Indian Head Penny, last made in 1909.
  • Liberty Head “V” Nickel, last made in 1912.
  • Buffalo Nickel, made only from 1913-1938.



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