Enhanced Paper Money

One of the greatest advances in recent technology surrounding U.S. coins and currency is the ability to enhance bank notes with holograms, precious metals, and colorized images. For the first time, genuine U.S. $1 and $2 bills have taken on new importance as commemoratives and as unique collector’s items. 

The ability to enhance a genuine U.S. currency note requires precision and great artistry. Best of all, enhanced notes are genuine, legal tender issues that are printed by the United States Treasury. 

However, the ability to enhance bank notes is a technology that even the U.S. government does not possess – so all enhancements are added privately. As a result, enhanced notes are not found in circulation but are available only to collectors in limited editions. 

Enhanced Legal Tender – Great Holiday Gifts 

As we approach the holiday season, remember that enhanced paper money can make the perfect gifts for collectors of all ages … and for anyone on your gift-giving list who loves something “different” and “unusual.” You can be assured that anyone who receives a gift of enhanced currency will treasure that note forever and will always remember your generosity and thoughtfulness. 

Among the most popular and spectacular of all enhanced notes are $1 and $2 bills featuring holograms. Each genuine bank note is enhanced with amazing golden or silver hologram foil that brings the classic designs to life. The result is a fascinating and mesmerizing way to enjoy some of America’s most historic currency. 

Another way to appreciate our nation’s currency is with $1 and $2 bills that are plated with genuine gold and silver. The 22K gold-plated $2 Bill is selectively layered with 22K gold foil, while the silver-plated $1 Silver Certificate brings back the days when paper currency could be redeemed for actual silver. 

Colorized currency is also exceptionally popular, and one that makes a superb holiday gift is the genuine U.S. $2 bill that has been colorized to honor the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The design is officially authorized and licensed, and it is the only Star Trek 50th anniversary $2 bill that is officially authorized. 

And don’t forget the Christmas $2 Bill or Chanukah $2 Bill that is beautifully colorized to celebrate the Christmas season!

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