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Go GOLD This Christmas!

Everyone loves gold – so imagine actually giving someone real gold for Christmas, a birthday, or any notable occasion … without spending a fortune! 

The remarkable new Gold Aurum® Notes are real sheets of 24-karat gold that are printed with high-resolution images and text. You’ve never seen anything like them before, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite gift-giver when you hand out genuine 24K gold gifts this Christmas! (And while you’re at it, don’t forget to start your own collection.) 

The Aurum is the smallest precise, verifiable unit of gold. Each one weighs precisely 1/10 of a gram of 24K gold, making it convenient to display and affordable to own. And because the gold weight and purity of each Aurum Note is authenticated, you can purchase them with confidence. 

Each Gold Aurum Note consists of a genuine gold sheet between layers of durable polyester film that both protects the gold from damage and makes it convenient to display. 

What makes the Gold Aurum Notes especially attractive is that they are printed with a wide array of attractive and colorful images. And since this is the Christmas season, why not start with some Christmas themes. 

The new Christmas set includes six individual designs: Snowman, Fireplace, White Dove, Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and Sledding Polar Bear. Designed to look like classic Christmas cards, they can be displayed just about anywhere to add to the festive season – and because they are real 24K gold, they complement any décor and will always be loved as great gifts. Best of all, they are available individually or as a complete set of six

Other Gold Aurum Notes include the Liberty design that resembles a vintage U.S. bank note … and the Donald Trump design that celebrates his historic Presidential victory and is the first official commemorative Gold Aurum Note.

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