Have You Ever Waned to Design a U.S. Coin?

Over the past couple of decades, we have seen more new U.S. coin designs than in any previous comparable period in history. Just think of all the State Quarters, National Park Quarters, Presidential Dollars, First Lady coins and medals, commemorative coins, and even the new designs for the Jefferson Nickel and Lincoln Penny. 

But have you ever wondered where all these coin designs come from? Most of them originate with the U.S. Mint’s esteemed stable of artists and designers, but sometimes the design process is opened up to the public. 

When the original State Quarters series started in 1999, the design for each state’s Quarter was selected through a competition organized by the respective state. This allowed state residents to have a very important say in the design that would represent their state. Another famous coin design that came from a member of the public rather than from the U.S. Mint’s staff was the 2014 set of commemorative coins for the 75th anniversary of baseball’s Hall of Fame; these coins were highly unusual because they were the first curved U.S. coins. 

U.S. Mint announces public design competition for

2018 Breast Cancer Awareness coins. 

In 2018, the U.S. Mint will issue a set of three commemorative coins drawing attention to breast cancer awareness – and the coin designs will be selected in an open competition. This is a rare chance to design an actual U.S. coin! 

According to the U.S. Mint, “The competition invites artists to design images emblematic of the fight against breast cancer, with the winning artist to be awarded $10,000 and have his or her initials included on the minted coins.” Since there are three coins – clad Half Dollar, silver Dollar, and gold $5 – each with an obverse and reverse design, there are six potential winners. 

The deadline for the U.S. Mint to receive initial design suggestions is October 17, 2016; entrants must be age 18 and older. 

For full rules, deadlines, and how to enter, see:





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