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Welcome to our hottest collectibles – the coins and bank notes that everyone wants! But you must hurry, because many of these items are in short supply. Order now, before it’s too late!

2018 24K Gold Plated Silver Eagle

The brand new 2018 Silver Eagle Dollar makes a great addition to any collection and is a wonderful gift to celebrate freedom and liberty … and it’s even better when it’s layered in pure 24-karat gold! Each coin contains one ounce of pure silver and is presented in a custom wooden display case.


America the Beautiful National Parks 5 Piece Quarter Set

The five-coin set is the ultimate collection of each coin in the America the Beautiful Quarters series. The set includes Brilliant Uncirculated coins from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, as well as a colorized coin, a 24-karat gold-layered coin, and a hologrammed coin. The complete set is housed in a custom folder that includes details about the site featured on the coin – and every coin issued to date is available in a separate folder. Order them all for a complete collection!


Colored Seals – Red, Blue, & Green

All modern paper currency is Federal Reserve Notes with green Treasury seals and green serial numbers. In the past, however, Americans used several different types of paper currency, and each type had a distinctively colored Treasury seal and serial numbers. This collection features three different types of historic currency with different colored seals: $5 United States Note, last made in the Series of 1963, has a red Treasury seal and red serial numbers; $1 Silver Certificate, last made in the Series of 1957, has a blue Treasury seal and blue serial numbers; and $2 Federal Reserve Note, first issued in the Series of 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, has a green Treasury seal and green serial numbers.


1999-2009 24K Gold Plated State Quarters in Frame

The ultimate State Quarters collection! From 1999 to 2009, the U.S. Mint issued the 50 State Quarters – the most popular coin series in U.S. Mint history. Unknown to most collectors, a small number of coins were set aside to be richly layered in 24K gold, producing coins of unprecedented beauty and collector value. The complete collection of gold-layered coins is handsomely presented in a magnificent frame that is ready to display in any home or office


Complete Presidential Dollar Collection

The Presidential Dollars series started in 2007 to honor every non-living U.S. President in the order in which he served – from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Each coin was struck in a beautiful golden alloy, but it was a limited edition of only about 13 weeks. The series ended in 2016, and this may be your last chance to own the complete collection in original uncirculated condition. Includes a deluxe wooden display case. Best of all, you save over 30% off the regular price when you order now!


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