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Labor Day is a great time for shopping … especially for the best coins and collectibles! In fact, you will save 10% off EVERYTHING when you order from now through Labor Day with the special code: LABOR. But this is a limited offer, so you must order now! 

For starters, just look at some of our best-selling collections … and remember, you get 10% off everything on this site when you enter the code LABOR.



1999-2009 24K Gold Plated State Quarters – SAVE 10%!

The original State Quarters were issued from 1999-2009, with one coin celebrating the history and culture of all 50 states, Washington D.C., and the U.S. territories. These coins are long out-of-issue, but every coin is richly plated in 24K pure gold – and the complete collection is displayed in a custom wooden frame with each coin identified. It makes a great display … and a wonderful gift for children and grandchildren.



2018 Silver Eagle – SAVE 10%!

The Silver Eagle is the world’s most popular silver bullion coin and the largest silver dollar ever made by the U.S. Mint. With its one full ounce of pure silver, it’s even larger than a classic Morgan Silver Dollar. Both the silver purity and the silver weight are guaranteed by the U.S. government. The new uncirculated 2018 Silver Eagle comes with a protective holder and a deluxe case at no extra charge. It’s the perfect gift for every occasion … and a superb way to stockpile pure silver!


Last “O” Mint Morgan Silver Dollar MS64 Condition – SAVE 10%!

Unknown to most collectors, the U.S. Mint once operated a branch mint in New Orleans. Its last-ever Morgan Silver Dollar was struck over a century ago in 1904 with the legendary “O” mint mark above “DO” in “dollar” on the reverse. This coin is certified as MS64 Brilliant Uncirculated condition by an independent coin grading service, making it one of the best uncirculated grades. It comes in a wooden display box at no extra charge.



WWII Historic 23-Piece Coin, Note, & Stamp World Collection – SAVE 10%!

This stunning, comprehensive collection includes U.S. coins and stamps from World War II – highlighted by the “emergency” one-time-only 1943 steel Lincoln Penny and 1942-1945 35% silver Jefferson Nickel. You will also receive German World War II coins, German “Hitler Head” stamps, Japanese “Invasion” notes that were intended to replace bank notes in nations occupied in the Pacific, and so much more. A fascinating and historic collection that spans the world and traces the history of World War II.


1963 End of an Era Coin and Currency Set – SAVE 10%!

In 1963, the U.S. Mint struck the last-ever Franklin Half Dollar AND the U.S. Treasury produced the last-ever $2 United States Note. The Franklin Half Dollar was struck in 90% silver; the $2 United States Note features a portrait of Thomas Jefferson on the front and is distinguished from other currency by a red Treasury seal and red serial numbers (unlike today’s currency with green printing). 1963 was the end of an era … and now, both of these historic “last” issues are brought together in an exceptional matching set.




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