May the luck of the Irish be with you …

Lucky Golden Pig .9999 Gold $1 Palau Coin St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to stock up on coins that celebrate all things Irish …and all things “lucky.” 

  • Lucky Irish Penny and Four-Leaf Clover Bracelet. There’s nothing luckier than a four-leaf clover … except a bracelet of four-leaf clovers AND a “lucky” Irish Penny! The bracelet consists of 10 goldtone four-leaf clovers – and in the center is a genuine Irish Penny that features the legendary Brian Boru harp that is Ireland’s official emblem. Get one for every lucky person in your life! 
  • Silver $5 Four-Leaf Clover Coin. A four-leaf clover is one of the world’s most cherished symbols of good luck – and now, for the first time, a genuine four-leaf clover is actually encased within a legal tender coin! The $5 coin from Palau is struck in .925 Sterling Silver and contains one full ounce of silver. It’s the size and weight of a classic U.S. Silver Dollar … but the addition of a four-leaf clover makes it one of the most unusual and interesting coins ever made. And because the four-leaf clover is real, each coin is a unique artifact and is the ultimate symbol of good luck. 
  • Gold $1 Four-Leaf Clover Coin. Like the silver $5 coin, the gold $1 coin has a genuine four-leaf clover encased within the design. The coin is legal tender and is struck in .9999 fine gold – and due to the scarcity of four-leaf clovers, the edition is limited to only 2,016 worldwide. It’s like finding a lucky four-leaf clover AND a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 
  • Lucky Leprechaun Four-Leaf Clover Colorized $2 Bill. This genuine U.S. $2 bill features everything you could hope for when you’re looking for good luck – a leprechaun, a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, and even a lucky four-leaf clover. The $2 bill is beautifully colorized and comes with a custom folio and a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Lucky Golden Pig .9999 Gold $1 Palau Coin.  Why did the pig become a symbol of good fortune? The term "Lucky Pig" originates from the middle ages and means to have unexpected luck. At that time, the pig was also an object of wealth.  This little guy is even luckier with a four leaf clover in his mouth!


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