May the luck of the Irish be with you …

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching … so this is the perfect time to pick up “lucky” coins, “lucky” four-leaf clovers, and enough “luck” to last a lifetime! But get them now, because supplies are limited and only the lucky will be able to get them before they’re gone. 

Lucky Irish Penny and Four-Leaf Clover Bracelet

There’s nothing luckier than a four-leaf clover … except a bracelet of four-leaf clovers AND a “lucky” Irish Penny! The bracelet consists of 10 goldtone four-leaf clovers – and in the center is a genuine Irish Penny that features the legendary Brian Boru harp that is Ireland’s official emblem. Get one for every lucky person in your life!

Silver $5 Four-Leaf Clover Coin

A four-leaf clover is one of the world’s most cherished symbols of good luck – and now, for the first time, a genuine four-leaf clover is actually encased within a legal tender coin! The $5 coin from Palau is struck in .925 Sterling Silver and contains one full ounce of silver. It’s the size and weight of a classic U.S. Silver Dollar … but the addition of a four-leaf clover makes it one of the most unusual and interesting coins ever made. And because the four-leaf clover is real, each coin is a unique artifact and is the ultimate symbol of good luck.

Gold $1 Four-Leaf Clover Coin

Like the silver $5 coin, the gold $1 coin has a genuine four-leaf clover encased within the design. The coin is legal tender and is struck in .9999 fine gold – and due to the scarcity of four-leaf clovers, the edition is limited to only 2,016 worldwide. It’s like finding a lucky four-leaf clover AND a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Lucky Leprechaun Four-Leaf Clover Colorized $2 Bill

This genuine U.S. $2 bill features everything you could hope for when you’re looking for good luck – a leprechaun, a rainbow, a pot of gold, and even a lucky four-leaf clover. The $2 bill is beautifully colorized and comes with a custom folio and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Pouch of 7 Lucky Coins

Seven coins means seven times the good luck! You get a lucky Irish Penny … an ancient Chinese “Feng Shui” coin that is a symbol of luck and good spirits … a lucky English sixpence that is legendary in folk tales … and coins from around the world showing a lucky elephant, a lucky rabbit, a lucky turtle, and a lucky pig. The seven coins are delivered in a custom velvet pouch.



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