Morgan Dollar Mania!

Morgan Silver Dollars were first released in 1878, and ever since that date they have been admired and cherished by collectors everywhere. The coins are renowned for their beauty – a stunning portrait of Liberty on the obverse and a bold image of an eagle on the reverse – but they are also widely collected because of their unique connection to the “Wild West.” 

Today, nearly 140 years later, the Morgan Silver Dollar is more sought after than ever … but due to extreme collector demand and widespread melting over past century, just a fraction of coins remain. This is great opportunity to secure your own piece of “Morgan Dollar Mania!” 

  • 1878 First Morgan Silver Dollar. The first-year 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most treasured of all U.S. coins. It ushered in a new era in numismatic history, and it is a key to any collection. The coin is encapsulated to preserve its condition, and it is beautifully presented in a wooden display box. 
  • Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark Collection. Morgan Silver Dollars were struck at five different branches of the U.S. Mint, and this collection features one coin from each mint: Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City, and Denver. Each coin is identified by the small mint mark on the reverse, under the center of the wreath. Carson City is the rarest and most coveted of all Morgans … the last New Orleans coin was struck over a century ago in 1904 … and Denver struck only one coin, the last-ever Morgan in 1921. The coins are encapsulated, and the set comes in an elegant wooden display box with a clear window. 
  • First & Last Morgan Silver Dollars. The Morgan Silver Dollar was first made in 1878 and was last made in 1921 – and this exceptional collection features both the first-year and final-year coins. It is a fabulous set of the “bookend” coins that any collector would be proud to own. The coins are encapsulated and are presented in a wooden display box with a clear window. 
  • Last “O” Mint Morgan Silver Dollar MS64 Condition. Unknown to most collectors, the U.S. Mint once operated a branch mint in New Orleans. Its last-ever Morgan Silver Dollar was struck in 1904, a coin features the legendary “O” mint mark above “DO” in “dollar” on the reverse. This coin is certified as MS64 Brilliant Uncirculated condition by an independent coin grading service, making it one of the best uncirculated grades. It comes in a wooden display box. 
  • 1921-P Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS64. The final year of mintage of the Morgan Silver Dollar was almost a century ago in 1921, and this coin was struck in 1921 at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. It is certified by one of the most prestigious independent coin grading services as MS64 Brilliant Uncirculated condition – which is four full grades higher than a standard Brilliant Uncirculated coin; it has outstanding eye appeal and retains its full original luster. It comes in a wooden display box.


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