Save on 30th Anniversary Silver Eagles!

With the arrival of 2017 and the anticipated slew of new coins in the coming months, this is the perfect time to step back and stock up on the last of one of the best 2016 coins: the 2016 Silver Eagle. These coins are no longer being made, and supplies are rapidly vanishing! 

The 2016 Silver Eagle was an extraordinary coin. It marked the 30th anniversary of the first coin in 1986 – and to mark the occasion, the U.S. Mint struck special burnished and proof coins with “30th anniversary” engraved on the edge. These were the first commemorative versions of the Silver Eagle, and they were made in strictly limited editions. 

The Silver Eagle is struck in one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, making it the easiest and most convenient way to stockpile pure silver. 

The Burnished 2016 Silver Eagle was produced with a different finish from the regular bullion edition, and it was made available exclusively to collectors. The coin blank was specially treated, resulting in a distinctive matte finish with frosted designs. A small number of the 30th anniversary commemorative coins are still available – but they are the last ones left, so this could the last chance to own them. 

The Proof 2016 Silver Eagle was the highest quality edition of the Silver Eagle. Like all Proofs from the U.S. Mint, it was double-struck on a highly polished coin die, producing mirror-like backgrounds and three-dimensional high-relief images. Of course, the 2016 30th anniversary edition is the only Silver Eagle made as a commemorative. 

The 2016 Proof coin was also included in the historic Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set. This set was a tribute to President Ronald Reagan. In addition to the Proof 2016 Silver Eagle, it includes the exclusive Reverse Proof version of the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollar and the bronze version of the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Congressional Gold Medal. 

The early part of the new year is always a weird time for the last of the previous year’s coins. While everyone’s waiting for the 2017 coins, it’s a great time to save on the last of the 2016 coins – but in just a short time, when the supplies have vanished, the prices are likely to shoot up. So take advantage of this limited window to save on 30th anniversary Silver Eagles!

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