Savings on World Silver!

Silver coins are always popular among collectors and investors alike, and this is a great opportunity to save up to 50% off the regular prices of some of our most beautiful and most popular silver coins!


2013 Canada 1/2oz Silver $10 Summer Fun – 33% OFF!

2013 Canada 1/2oz Silver $10 Hockey – 33% OFF!

In 2013, Canada issued two special coins in the “O Canada” series that depict iconic images of Canada. Each $10 coin was struck in 1/2 ounce of .9999 pure silver and was limited to a mintage of only 40,000. Most coins disappeared long ago, making them almost impossible to find today … but you can pick up the last of these spectacular coins at 33% off the standard prices. Each coin is presented in a custom case with a full-color sleeve.


2017 Colorized “Roses for Love” Heart-Shaped $1 Silver Coin.

Specially created as a spectacular new way to give pink roses to that special person in your life, the Silver Dollar from Tokelau is beautifully colorized to bring the roses to life. Amazingly, the coin is even heart-shaped … but it is a limited edition of only 1,000 coins worldwide, and only the last few coins remain. Best of all, the coin comes in a heart-shaped pink box that makes the perfect presentation for any special occasion.


2017 1oz Silver Australian Kookaburra Shark Privy – 50% OFF!

The Silver Kookaburra is one of the world’s most renowned and beautiful silver bullion coins. Minted in one ounce of .999 pure silver, it’s the same size and weight as a U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar. This special edition features a one-time-only design with the exclusive privy mark depicting a shark, one of Australia’s iconic animals. Unlike the standard Silver Kookaburra which has an edition limit of 500,000, this special edition was limited to only 50,000. The last few coins are 50% off while supplies last!


2018-P $1 Australian 1oz Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle – 50% OFF!

Australia’s remarkable Wedge-Tailed Eagle Silver Dollar is a one-year-only coin that was designed by former U.S. Mint engraver John Mercanti, who also designed the eagle on the reverse of the U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar! It’s struck in one ounce of .9999 (“four nines”) pure silver, making it the highest quality silver coin in the world … and it features the Perth Mint’s legendary “P” mint mark. The mintage is limited to just 50,000 coins, but you can save 50% off the standard price when you order now!



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