Start Your Holiday Shopping!

The holiday season is almost upon us again … and this is the perfect time to prepare for the holidays with some early shopping for all your favorite people. Best of all, everyone loves money … and these special gift ideas are all official legal tender items. Early ordering is essential, however, because supplies are limited. 

  • Disney Gifts. A revolutionary new era in Disney coins started recently with a series of stunning commemoratives – including colorized editions – featuring characters from Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, and classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. Each legal tender coin is a limited edition that is struck in one full ounce of 99.9% pure silver and comes with special commemorative packaging. They make perfect gifts for every Disney fan of all ages!


  • Fan Favorites. From Star Trek to Star Wars and superheroes, many of your favorite characters have been depicted on legal tender coins from around the world. Each is a limited edition that is available for a short time only, and many are struck in 99.9% pure silver – and each is officially authorized, so you know you are getting genuine collectibles that are a real part of history. 
  • Unique Gifts. One of the most unusual ways to celebrate holidays such as Chanukah and Christmas is with specially colorized U.S. $2 bills. Each genuine $2 bill is produced by the U.S. government and is beautifully colorized to create an attractive item that can be displayed in any home or office. 
  • Currency Collectibles. U.S. currency is always in style, but it’s especially prized when it’s vintage currency that has been out of issue for many years. Among the many great selections available as holiday gifts are a matching set of the last “red seal” U.S. Note and last Franklin silver half dollar from 1963 … and a fascinating set of vintage notes with red, blue, and green Treasury seals. These are all genuine notes that make great gifts, but they are all available in limited quantities. 
  • Quarter Collectibles. America’s State Quarters and National Parks Quarters revolutionized collecting over the last few years, and this is your chance to catch up with these amazing collections … and introduce them to others on your gift list. Coins are available as complete sets, 24K gold-layered sets, colorized sets, hologram sets, and so much more!



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