Summer Fun with Disney!

The summer is a time for fun … movies … and more fun. And what better way to enjoy the summer than to relive some of the greatest of Disney’s classic characters on historic silver coins. Get your favorites now, or order them all for a spectacular matching set! 

Each of the five special Disney coins is an official legal tender issue and is beautifully enhanced with vintage images. And all coins are officially authorized, so they are genuine Disney limited edition collectibles. 

What’s more, each coin is struck in one full ounce of 99.9% pure silver, so it is the same size and weight as a U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar. However, each commemorative coin is a strictly limited edition – and considering Disney’s massive worldwide following, we expect to sell out of our limited supply very quickly. The coins are issued by the New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the authority of Niue. 

The five Disney coins are:

  • Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie.” This black-and-white 1928 film was the first appearance of Mickey Mouse … the birth of a legend who is now one of the best-known characters in the world.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse in “True Love Forever.” The adorable couple are caught in an embrace to symbolize their enduring romance. The edition is limited to only 10,000 colorized coins!
  • Goofy. First created by Walt Disney in 1932, Goofy is a hilarious and eccentric dog who’s a close friend of Mickey Mouse – and one of the most popular Disney characters. The coin is beautifully colorized to show Goofy as we all know and love him.
  • Pluto. An iconic Disney character who made his debut in 1930 in “The Chain Gang,” Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s pet whose cheerful and adventurous temperament has endeared him to generations of Disney fans. The coin is colorized using the highest quality techniques in the world.
  • Donald and Daisy Duck in “Love Crazy.” Donald and Daisy Duck are one of the craziest Disney couples, and they get into all sorts of adventures. This is a limited edition of only 10,000 colorized coins worldwide. 

As a special bonus, each Disney coin comes with special packaging, making it the perfect gift for every Disney fan and for every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries.




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