Un-Common Cents!


The Penny is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most fascinating and collectible of all U.S. coins … and this may be your last chance to pick up long-gone Pennies that made history. Many of these coins are over 100 years old, while others date to World War II. Order now, because they won’t be around for long! 


  Roll of 1943 Steel Cents

In order to make copper available for the war effort, the U.S. Mint in 1943 made Lincoln Pennies with steel instead of copper. This was the only time in history that the U.S. has issued a steel coin … and this was the coin that helped America win the war! Most coins were worn out or damaged in circulation long ago, and almost all coins were returned to banks and the U.S. Treasury where they were destroyed. The result is that few coins remain for today’s collectors. Every coin is now 75 years old – and this is a complete roll of 50 steel cents in a protective tube.

Double Dated Pennies – 1909

On rare occasions, the U.S. Mint ends one coin design in the same year that its replacement design is introduced. This famously happened in 1909, when the last Indian Head Penny was struck … and it was replaced by the first Lincoln Penny later in the year. Since both coins were made for only a few months, they are almost impossible to find today, over 100 years later. Each coin is individually encased, and they are displayed in a custom presentation.


 Half Pound of Wheatback Pennies

The Lincoln Penny was first minted in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, and all coins until 1958 have the legendary and coveted “Wheat Ears” reverse design. The “Wheat Ears” Pennies have not been seen for generations, but this is a rare chance to own a full half-pound of classic coins minted between 1909 and 1958 – so all coins are at least 60 years old and some may be 100 years old and more. No specific dates or mint marks are guaranteed, but the bag may contain sought-after dates and mint marks. Each bag is different, so order several for a greater selection!


 Ultimate 1-2-3 Cent Collection

Most collectors don’t know that the U.S. Mint once struck not just a one-cent coin but a two-cent coin … and even a three-cent coin! Now, all three of these fascinating coins are available in a single collection. The first Penny was a large coin that coin was about the size of a Half Dollar, but the last Large Penny was made over 150 years ago in 1857. The Two-Cent Piece was first made during the Civil War in 1864, but it was made for circulation only until 1872. The Three-Cent Piece was made only from 1851 to 1889. All three coins are over 125 years old and are beautifully displayed in a custom presentation with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Roll of WWII Shellcase Pennies

During World War II, the U.S. Mint made changes to the nation’s coinage to help the war effort. Copper was a vital metal that was used in the production of bullets and shell cases for the U.S. military overseas – so instead of using copper for Lincoln Pennies, used shell cases were gathered from battleships and battlefields around the world and shipped back to the United States to be recycled into new Pennies. The shell case Pennies were made only in 1944, 1945, and 1946 – and this complete roll includes 50 of these coins that actually circulated in America in the World War II era.

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