Unique 100 Year Old Treasures!

Collectors always love classic American coins – especially coins that that were struck more than 100 years ago. These are the coins used by our ancestors … the coins that embody American history … and the coins that are our link to the past. This is a rare opportunity to acquire some of the most famous and unusual coins from years gone by, but supplies are extremely limited … so it’s essential to order now, before they’re gone forever!


Ultimate 1-2-3 Cent Collection

Most collectors don’t know that the U.S. Mint once struck a one-cent coin that’s even larger than a quarter … a two-cent coin … and even a three-cent coin! Now, all three of these fascinating coins are available in a single collection. The last Large Penny was made over 160 years ago in 1857. The Two-Cent Piece was first made during the Civil War in 1864, but it was made for only a decade before production ended. The Three-Cent Piece was made only from 1851 to 1889. All three coins are over 125 years old and are beautifully displayed in a custom presentation.


Barber Quarter Mint Mark Collection

The Barber Quarter was issued by the U.S. Mint only from 1892-1916, so every coin is now over 100 years old. During its short life, it was struck at four different branches of the U.S. Mint: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and New Orleans. The different coins can be identified by the small mint mark on the reverse, including the long-gone “O” of New Orleans. Each coin was struck in 90% pure silver, and the four-coin collection is housed in a custom display.


Racketeer Nickel

The 1883 Liberty Head Nickel is one of America’s most scandalous coins. When the first coins were minted, a large “V” (Roman number “5”) was placed in the center of the reverse – but the word “Cents” did not appear anywhere on the coin. As a result, con-men gold-plated these nickels and passed them off as “new” $5 gold coins! The U.S. Mint soon added “Cents” to the design to stop the scam. This original “No Cents” 1883 nickel is richly plated in 24K gold – just like the “racketeer” nickel from 135 years ago!


19th and 20th Century Indian Head Pennies

The Indian Head Penny is a classic American coin that was a mainstay of the economy for half a century from before the Civil War until the early 20th century. It was designed by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver James B. Longacre and it was issued from 1859 to 1909, so every coin is now over 100 years old. This collection includes one coin from the 19th century that was struck between 1859 and 1899, and one coin from the 20th century that was struck between 1900 and 1909.


Two Cent Piece 1864-1873

One of the shortest-lived U.S. coins was the Two Cent Piece, which was first struck during the Civil War in 1864 to help ease the shortage of small-denomination coins. It was never popular with the public, however, so it was last made a decade later in 1873 – meaning that every coin is at least 145 years old! The coin is protected in a clear holder and is presented in an elegant display case.


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