Unique Paper Money Collections!

U.S. paper currency is both fascinating and historic, and this is a rare opportunity to collect some of the most famous out-of-issue notes from the last 100 years. Most notes were withdrawn from circulation and destroyed when they became obsolete, leaving just a few in the hands of collectors and historians. 

Of course, supplies are extremely limited – so it is essential that you order right away! 

  • 1963 End of an Era Coin and Currency Set. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, ZIP codes were introduced, and Lawrence of Arabia won the Academy Award for best picture. Meanwhile, the U.S. Mint struck the last-ever 90% silver Franklin Half Dollar … and the U.S. Treasury produced the last-ever $2 United States Note that is distinguished from other currency by a red Treasury seal and red serial numbers. Both historic 1963 issues are brought together in this fascinating collection, and they are presented in a custom wallet with a narrative about their history and designs. 
  • 1923 Horseblanket Silver Certificate. The Series of 1923 was the last “large-size” $1 Silver Certificate. It was known as a “horseblanket” because of its size, and it was printed with a blue Treasury seal and blue serial numbers; it had a face value of “One Silver Dollar.” The note is much larger than today’s paper currency, and it has not been seen in circulation in almost a century. When this note was issued, it was backed by an actual Morgan Silver Dollar or Peace Silver Dollar in the U.S. Treasury – and the bearer of the note could, by law, exchange it on demand at the Treasury for the Silver Dollar. Most “horseblanket” Silver Certificates were worn out in circulation long ago or were destroyed by the U.S. government when the small-size notes were introduced just a few years later. 
  • Set of Silver Certificates. Silver Certificates were first issued in 1878 and are distinguished by the blue serial numbers and Treasury seals. They were a groundbreaking type of currency because each $1 paper note was actually backed by a Silver Dollar or $1 in silver that was deposited in the U.S. Treasury. The last-ever $1 Silver Certificate was the Series of 1957, and this set includes both a historic 1957 note and a seldom-seen “star note” that is much scarcer because it was issued as a replacement for an error note in the printing process. The star appears at the start of the serial number in place of the usual prefix letter. These notes have not been seen in circulation for over half a century, and together they make a unique and fascinating collection. They are presented in a custom wallet. 
  • Last Circulating Silver Dollars. America’s last Silver Dollars issued for circulation were the Peace Silver Dollar coin and the $1 Silver Certificate banknote. The Peace Silver Dollar (1921-1935) was struck in 90% pure silver, while the note (last made in the Series of 1957) was backed by actual silver that was held in the U.S. Treasury and which could have been exchanged for the note at the time of issue. The Peace Silver Dollar features a stunning Art Deco design of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse, while the Silver Certificate was printed with a blue Treasury seal and blue serial numbers. 
  • Colored Seals – Red, Blue, and Green. All modern paper currency is Federal Reserve Notes with green Treasury seals and green serial numbers. In the past, however, Americans used several different types of paper currency, and each type had a distinctively colored Treasury seal and serial numbers. This collection features three different types of historic currency with different colored seals: $5 United States Note, last made in the Series of 1963, has a red Treasury seal and red serial numbers; $1 Silver Certificate, last made in the Series of 1957, has a blue Treasury seal and blue serial numbers; and $2 Federal Reserve Note, first issued in the Series of 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, has a green Treasury seal and green serial numbers.

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