1883 CC Morgan Silver Dollar GSA MS64


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1883 CC Morgan Silver Dollar GSA MS64

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Nothing brings to mind visions of the Wild West more than Carson City Silver Dollars. Stagecoaches, gunfighters, saloons, card games with piles of silver dollars!   Morgan Silver Dollars were struck at the Carson City Mint from 1878 through 1885, and then from 1889 through 1893.  There are only 13 dates in all!  The Carson City Mint in Nevada supplied Morgan dollars to Federal Reserve Banks across the country. It is also the only mint to use more than one letter on its coins—the unique “CC” mint mark.  Here's your opportunity to own a coveted "CC" Morgan Silver Dollar!  

An excess of silver dollars and the increased popularity of the dollar bills caused the Carson City Mint to close in 1893 after only 23 years of business. No coins have been minted there since.  Demands for silver in the early 1900s to support the war effort led to massive coin melts, and the stored CC dollars were believed to be lost.  Due to the massive amounts of silver in each coin, more than 50% of all Morgan Silver Dollars were melted by the U.S. Government in the 1920’s to help pay for World War I;  millions more were melted for World War II;  millions more were privately melted in the 1980’s when silver reached $50 an ounce;  and millions were destroyed or worn out in circulation between 1878 and the 1920’s.   It was believed that CC Morgan Silver Dollars were gone forever.

But in 1964, the Treasury discovered that it was holding a great number of silver dollars in its vault as cash.  They discovered nearly three million uncirculated silver dollars from the Carson City Mint!  The General Services Administration (GSA) packaged each coin in its own holder and the coins were sold to the public through a mail bid.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is the most popular of America’s classic coins.  Minted from 1878-1904 and again in 1921, it is a huge coin that was the favorite silver coin of the “Wild West” because of its large size and massive amount of pure silver.              

The Morgan Silver Dollar is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who was an engraver with the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.  The obverse portrays Lady Liberty wearing a slave’s cap (an ancient symbol of freedom) with the word “Liberty” inscribed on a ribbon.  The reverse features an American eagle holding both the olive branch of peace and arrows of war.  

This is the largest silver coin ever made for circulation:  it is almost 1-1/2 inches in diameter and it contains over 3/4 ounce of pure silver.  The overall silver purity is the standard .900 pure.  The reason it is so big is that, by law, it had to contain exactly one dollar’s worth of silver (the price of silver was fixed at $1.29 an ounce during the era of the Morgan Silver Dollar).       

NGC grades GSA Morgan dollars by strapping a blue sticker around the hard plastic shell of the GSA Morgan. These stickers are tamper proof and retain the original dimensions of the GSA holder. You'll receive the coin in it's hard plastic case, with the original government black presentation box.  This GSA Morgan is Graded MS64 - in Mint State condition with four grades higher than Brilliant Uncirculated, this coin has outstanding eye appeal and retains its full original luster.  Coins are graded on a 70-point scale, and MS60 is the standard Brilliant Uncirculated grade – so each coin is four full grades better than a standard Brilliant Uncirculated coin.