1921 Peace Dollar NGC High Relief


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1921 Peace Dollar NGC High Relief

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The Peace Silver Dollar was the last Silver Dollar minted for circulation. It was made only from 1921 to 1935. The coin was first issued as a celebration of world peace after World War I.

Sculptor Anthony De Francisci portrayed his wife, Teresa, as Lady Liberty on the obverse. The reverse shows an eagle holding only an olive branch of peace instead of the usual olive branch and arrows of war. The eagle is also sitting on a rock inscribed with the word “PEACE.”

Coins were struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.
This is the largest silver coin ever made for circulation. It is the same size as the Morgan Silver Dollar – almost 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Each coin was struck in .900 pure silver and contains over 3/4 ounce of pure silver.

Millions of Peace Silver Dollars were melted for the silver to help pay for World War II. Millions more were privately melted in the 1980’s and later when the price of silver skyrocketed.

The 1921 Peace Dollar is considered the most beautiful Peace Dollar by many collectors. Striking the coins in high relief was hard on the dies, so in 1922 the mint switched to a much lower relief.