2012 Infantry Silver Dollar MS70


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2012 Infantry Silver Dollar MS70

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"Boots on the Ground"

On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress authorized the formation of 10 companies of light infantry, creating the first elements of what we now know as the U.S. Armed Forces.  From the beginning, the Infantry has borne the brunt of sacrifice for securing and protecting the freedoms of this Nation, our friends and allies. It is the "boots on the ground," armed with both rifle and bayonet, and owns the last 100 yards of the battlefield.  The Infantry's seven values mirror the Army's: honor, integrity, duty, selfless service, personal courage, loyalty and respect.

While only one branch of the Army, it has accounted for more than half of all the Medals of Honor awarded.  Members of the Infantry have suffered approximately 75 percent of the casualties in our Nation's wars. Fifteen U.S. Presidents, including Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower, served in the Infantry, all of whom saw combat action.  Infantrymen have been called upon to fight all over the world in every sort of weather, over every kind of terrain and in every diverse culture.

This 2012  Silver Dollar has been graded by an independent third party grading company and certified to be in pristine MS70 condition. There is no higher grade.

The obverse (heads side) design of the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar features a modern Infantry soldier on rocky ground charging forward and beckoning the troops to follow, symbolizing the "Follow Me" motto of the Infantry. Inscriptions are LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST and 2012. The representation of the contemporary soldier captures the essence of the Infantry's motto.

The reverse (tails) design features the crossed rifles insignia, the branch insignia of the Infantry. Inscriptions are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE DOLLAR and E PLURIBUS UNUM. The insignia is a universally recognizable symbol of the Infantry, as all members wear it.

  • Year Issue: 2012
  • Country Origin: United States
  • Composition Type: 90% Silver
  • Denomination: 1.00
  • Grade Type: MS70
  • Condition Type: Uncirculated
  • Coin Weight: 26.73 Grams
  • Mint Name: West Point - W
  • Dimensions: 38.1 MM
  • Currency Type: Dollar