2013 Cameroon "Heart of Love" 1000-Franc Silver Coin


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2013 Cameroon "Heart of Love" 1000-Franc Silver Coin

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You don't give your heart away to just anyone. What better way to remind your beloved of this than with a beautiful heart-shaped coin in a special gift box. The best part? When you give this heart away, you may just win someone else's all over again. Minted by Republic of Cameroon.  Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces

Coin Highlights:

Obverse: Republic of Cameroon Coat of Arms

Reverse: Hologrammed angel playing a lire, and "I love you" in 12 languages

Composition: .925 silver

Diameter: Approx. 33mm (1.3")

Weight: Approx. 25 grams (0.88 oz.)