2013 Canada 1/2 oz Silver $10 - Hockey


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2013 Canada 1/2 oz Silver $10 - Hockey

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In a land where that which is wild is revered and notions of struggle and courage are counted as the highest traits of character, Canadian hockey is a symbolic microcosm of the core tenets of the Canadian spirit. In Canada’s game, we see powerful and bold men taking on wild foes, each testing his or her mettle in a frozen world of ice and cold. As Canadian writer Stephen Marche has said, “Hockey is a metaphor for life in the North.” Canada’s truly unique sport and its many heroes—players, coaches, commentators, technologists, first originators, and loyal fans—are icons that hold a special place in the hearts of all Canadians.

Special features
  •  Your coin is the ninth coin in the O Canada 1/2 oz silver coin series.
  •  This design has incorporated each of the various finishing details available to the Mint to ensure a detailed execution of the final product. This coin will have you looking at it over and over to see all the fine details.
  •  Engraved in exquisite detail to celebrate one of Canada’s most popular national sports.
  •  A great gift and collectible to celebrate the Canadian culture, hockey and sport in Canada, Canadian history, and the country’s unique iconography.
  •  Struck in 99.99% fine silver.

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Tony Bianco and presents a small group of individuals enjoying a pick-up game on a small local rink. In the foreground, we see the backs of a father and child, sticks over their shoulders and skates hanging from the sticks by their laces in a typical Canadian fashion. Bundled in warm coats, snow pants and toques, they walk through the snow to a small outdoor community hockey rink. In the background, other players lean against the outside of the boards, sticks held high, waiting for their turn to join the game. On the rink itself, an adult and several children are engaged in a game. The adult and one of the children wave their hands and sticks high in the air, signaling perhaps that someone has scored a goal. In the distant background, stark leafless trees rise against the wintry horizon.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clam shell case lined with flock and protected by a customized full color sleeve