2013 RP69 Silver Eagle


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2013 RP69 Silver Eagle

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In recent years, reverse proof coins have added another layer of appeal to proof coins. Rather than featuring a frosted device and a mirrored field, reverse proof coins feature a frosted field and a mirrored device. The visual effect of the reverse proof is remarkable. The design on a standard proof coin may appear like a crisp black and white photograph, but the design on a reverse proof will appear like the negative of a black and white photograph. The specially polished blanks used in striking the coin are responsible for this effect. 

The Mint has only made four Reverse Proof Silver Eagles: in 2006W (mintage 248,875), 2011P (mintage 99,882), 2012S (mintage 224,935), 2013W (mintage 235,689).  They were issued in special sets, so the sets must be broken up to get the coins.  These are very low mintages. The lowest mintage for a bullion coin is the 1996 Silver Eagle, at 3,603,386. The highest mintage bullion year is 2015, at 47,000,000 coins.  The mintage quantity for 2013 accounts for less than ½% of the entire bullion mintage in 2013.

The 2017 Silver Maple Leaf features a beautiful reverse proof finish on brilliant relief against a frosted background.

  • Graded RP69 - in Reverse Proof condition with one of the highest possible grades, this coin has outstanding eye appeal and retains its full original luster
  • Graded and certified by an independent coin grading company
  • Encapsulated in clear acrylic - comes in a sonically sealed, tamper-resistant acrylic holder
  • Measures approx. 1.5" in diameter
  • Weighs approx. 1 oz. and contains approx. 1 oz. fine silver
  • Comes in a wooden display box.