2014 Canada $20 Silver 1oz The White Tailed Deer - Portrait


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2014 Canada $20 Silver 1oz The White Tailed Deer - Portrait

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 Although the white-tailed deer is common across much of southern Canada, seeing one is still a special treat for nature lovers. A symbol of the elusive yet constant presence of nature in this land, the white-tailed deer is now available for viewing year round—thanks to this exquisite new series of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Special features:
•  This 1-ounce 99.99% pure silver coin features expert engraving and the use of multiple finishes to bring out the stunning details in this striking portrait of a male white-tailed deer with a large rack of antlers.
•  First in the new White-Tailed Deer series.
•  This 1-ounce coin features edge lettering indicating its metal weight.
•  A low mintage of only 7,500 coins means that this edition is sure to be sought after by collectors.
•  The Royal Canadian Mint has rarely featured the white-tailed deer on its numismatic coins.
•  A beautiful addition to any collection featuring fine artwork, natural images, native species of Canada, symbols of awe and nature.

The reverse design by Canadian artist Desmond McCaffrey features a three-quarter profile portrait of a male white-tailed deer. Designed to showcase the singular beauty of a mature male white-tailed deer at the height of its strength, this image renders in fine detail the 10-point antler rack, large ears, distinctive eyes and muzzle, and strong neck and back of its subject. The antlers, which will be shed soon after they have reached their peak growth for the year, bear tines that point sharply upward and bend slightly forward. The lighter coloration of its inner ear, eyes, nose, and lower jaw, along with the rippling muscles of its powerful neck and back, are portrayed in dimensional detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clam-shell with a custom beauty box.