2015 Canada $20 1oz Silver Grizzly Bear: The Catch


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2015 Canada $20 1oz Silver Grizzly Bear: The Catch

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The grizzly bear is an imposing sight. It's second in size only to the polar bear, and this captivating coin reveals its power, speed and surprising agility as it lunges to catch a meal during the annual salmon run. It's a time when numerous grizzlies will congregate along British Columbia's riverbanks to feast on this protein-rich fish that is essential to building up the fat stores that will sustain them through their winter hibernation.

Largely solitary, the formidable grizzly makes its home in the wilderness of western and northern Canada–from small pockets of Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan to western Alberta, and a more widespread presence in British Columbia and the Canadian North.

Unique edge lettering reveals your coin's metal weight!

Special features:
  • EDGE LETTERING: With impeccable precision, beautiful edge lettering indicates the coin's metal weight.
  • Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, your 1 oz. coin features a stunning portrait of a grizzly bear catching a fish during the annual salmon run in one of western Canada's breathtaking river valleys.
  • First issue in the four-coin grizzly bear fine silver series! The first of a new Grizzly Bear series of four silver coins, with each one drawing you into the grizzly bear's way of life in the Canadian wilderness.
  • and has a limited mintage worldwide of 6,500.

About the Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Lauren Crawshaw, your coin depicts the river valleys of western Canada, where the forests and tall mountains can be seen in the background. It is the fall salmon run; as the salmon make their arduous journey upstream in the fall, one grizzly bear has waded out into the shallow waters to make the catch of the day. When a fish suddenly jumps out of the water, the grizzly (seen in side profile) lunges forward with majestic strength, its large paws and sharp claws ready to capture its protein-rich meal. Beautiful engraving depicts the grizzly in dimensional detail, from its open-mouthed expression to the long furs that are matted by the water.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clam shell with a graphic beauty box.