2015 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Deep Space 9 1oz Silver Proof Coin


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2015 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Deep Space 9 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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This One Ounce .999 pure silver coin is struck by The Perth Mint and is issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu. A limited edition of 5,000 this proof condition coin features Deep Space 9 against a colored space background. Inscriptions include STAR TREK, DEEP SPACE NINE and DEEP SPACE 9, The Perth Mint's traditional 'P' mintmark and the coin's weight and fineness. This coin comes in a unique Star Trek Transporter box that lights up when opened.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine debuted in 1993 and ran for seven seasons until 1999. Set in the future in the Milky Way Galaxy, it follows the 23rd century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko during his seven year assignment as commander of the space station Deep Space 9 in the Bajor sector. Since its debut, Star Trek has developed into a cultural phenomenon with a range of spinoff television series and a number of feature films being released over the past five decades. The series explored a variety of societal themes and issues including a Utopian society, war and peace, imperialism, economics, racial equality, religion, human rights, feminism, and the role of technology. 5.75" x 5.75" x .2.75"