50 Years Of Proof Coins


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50 Years Of Proof Coins

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The collection consists of a set of Proof coins from the Penny to the Half Dollar for each of the five decades from the 1960’s to the 2000’s. The 1960’s Half Dollar is 40% silver and was the last U.S. coin struck only in silver.
• Proof coins are never seen in circulation. They are specially struck for Proof Sets issued by the U.S. Mint.
• Proofs are the highest quality U.S. coins and are among the most prized of all coins.
• Each coin is struck multiple times under high pressure to bring out the three-dimensional designs and mirror-like background. Due to the painstaking minting process, they are limited editions.
• Proof coins are made only at the San Francisco Mint and bear the historic “S” mint mark.
• The collection is both a record of the best U.S. coins over a half-century period, and a symbol of the great people and events from that era – from civil rights and the first manned moon landing in the 1960’s to the dawn of a new era in the 21st century.
8.5" x 10.625" x .25"