A Century of Coins and Stamps - 3PC Set - 1970's, 1980's and 1990's


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A Century of Coins and Stamps - 3PC Set - 1970's, 1980's and 1990's

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Celebrate each decade of the 20th Century- the stamps alone are worth the price of the product!

This set features stamps commemorating significant events, products and pop-culture from the end of the 20th Century as well as some of the circulating coin designs from each decade. Coins and stamps are presented in a wonderful display folder.


 Each Decade features 5 Coins (Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar) and 15 Stamps. Stamps in original mint condition and no longer available through the United States Post Office.


Title: Bicentennial, Watergate, and Earth Day.

Date of issue: 18 November 1999.

Denomination: 33¢

No of stamps in sheet: 15

The stamps:

1st row: Earth Day; All in the Family; Sesame Street

    2nd row: Disco; Pittsburgh Steelers; United States Bicentennial

    3rd row: Secretariat - Horse of the Year; Videocassette recorder, Pioneer 10; Women's Rights Movement by UNIFEM; 1970s fashion

    4th row: ABC's Monday Night Football; Smiley face; Boeing 747; Medical imaging

Background image: Ships gather in New York Harbor under the Statue of Liberty to take part in Bicentennial celebrations, July 4, 1976, marked the 200th birthday of the United States.

Intaglio stamp: Videocassette recorder.

 On the occasion of the unveiling of the Boeing 747 stamp by the USPS, Boeing in 1999 unveiled a 70 square foot replica of the Boeing 747 stamp image installed on the door of their Everett factory.


Title: Space Shuttle Launched, Berlin Wall Falls.

Date of issue: 12 January 2000.

Denomination: 33¢

No of stamps in sheet: 15

The stamps:

   1st row: Space shuttle; Cats an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical; San Francisco 49ers; Iran hostage crisis; Figure skating

    2nd row: Cable TV; Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Compact Disc; Cabbage Patch Kids; The Cosby Show

    3rd row: Fall of the Berlin Wall; Video games; E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

    4th row: Personal computer; Hip hop culture

Background image: The space shuttle Columbia is launched 27 June 1982 on its fourth mission.

Intaglio stamp: None present.

The Vietnam Veteran Memorial stamp is the second stamp commemorating the Vietnam War, the first one was issued in the 1960s sheet.


Title: In Final Decade, Cold War Ends, Economy Booms.

Date of issue: 2 May 2000.

Denomination: 33¢

No of stamps in sheet: 15

The stamps:

  1st row: Major League Baseball; Gulf War; Seinfeld

    2nd row: Extreme sports; Improving education; Computer graphics

    3rd row: Peregrine falcon removed from endangered species list; John Glenn returns to space; 30th anniversary of the Special Olympics; Virtual reality; Jurassic Park

    4th row: Titanic movie; Sport utility vehicle; World Wide Web; Mobile phone

Background image: Image of currency superimposed by a graph of the rising economy.

Intaglio stamp: None present.

The Return to Space stamp commemorating former astronaut and then Senator John Glenn's return to space after a period of 36 years,depicted the Space Shuttle Discovery, and Glenn's Mercury Friendship 7 space craft side by side in space.