Bicentennial Collection


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Bicentennial Collection

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To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1976, the U.S. government issued special commemoratives, including a $2 bill and one-time-only coins. This collection brings together these historic commemoratives to honor the birth of the United States.
The Series of 1976 or later $2 Federal Reserve Note is America’s first and only commemorative bank note design. It was originally issued as part of the 1976 bicentennial celebration. The $2 bill depicts Thomas Jefferson (the principal author of the Declaration of Independence) on the front; the painting “The Signing of the Declaration of Independence” by John Trumbull is on the back. The $2 bill is a genuine legal tender U.S. bank note that is in Crisp Uncirculated condition.
Also in 1976, the U.S. Mint released one-time-only coins to mark the nation’s bicentennial.
The 1976 Quarter replaced the Washington Quarter; the reverse features a colonial American drummer to honor the patriots who fought for independence.
The 1976 Half Dollar replaced the Kennedy Half Dollar; the reverse shows Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
Both the Quarter and Half Dollar have been out of issue for more than 40 years since 1976. They are both featured in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, meaning they are in the same condition as the day they were released by the U.S. Mint.
Due to the age of the note and coins and the increasing difficulty in assembling a collection that includes all three items, this is a limited offer that is available for just a short time.
The collection is displayed in a custom wallet that protects the items and allows them to be safely shown to family and friends. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity and fascinating facts about the note and the coins. Makes a unique gift for any proud American!