Canada World War II Five Cents Collection


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Canada World War II Five Cents Collection

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Prior to World War II, Canada’s 5 Cents coin was made from solid nickel but nickel was important to Canada’s World War II effort.  It is a component in stainless steel and other alloys vital for producing war materiel.
In 1942, it was decided to suspend nickel coinage for the duration of the war.
An alloy known as tombac was developed to replace nickel in the 5 Cents coin.
Tombac is a type of brass made from .880 copper and .120 zinc.  The first tombac 5 Cents coin was made in 1942.
The 1942 coin was the first 12-sided 5 Cents coin; the shape distinguished it from other coins.  The reverse shows the beaver design.
In 1943, a new reverse design was used – a torch and “V” for “victory” to help promote the war effort.  A code message “We Win When We Work Willingly” is inscribed around the rim on the reverse.
Copper and zinc were also needed for the war effort, so in 1944 and 1945 the composition of the 5 Cents coin was changed to steel.
The 1944 and 1945 steel coins also show the torch and “V” design.  The nickel coin returned in 1946, after the war ended.
There are 4 coins in the set – one from each year from 1942 to 1945.
Two coins are tombac and two are steel.
The obverse of each coin shows the portrait of King George VI.
The collection comes in a custom display with a Certificate of Authenticity.