Columbus Quincentenary Proof Two Coin Set


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Columbus Quincentenary Proof Two Coin Set

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“In 1492, Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue!” And 500 years later, the United States Mint produced a special commemorative Silver Dollar and Clad Half Dollar  to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the New World in 1492.  Columbus left Spain on August 3, 1492 with a fleet of three ships – Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria – and a crew of 90 men. He arrived in the New World on October 12, 1492.

The Silver Dollar features Christopher Columbus standing tall with a flag in his right hand and a globe to his left. His famous ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria are sailing in the background. The reverse features a split view of a Spanish Galleon and a modern space shuttle.  Struck in 90% silver and containing 0.7734 Troy ounces of silver, the 1992 Columbus Quincentenary Silver Dollar Proof commemorates Columbus and his crew’s harrowing voyage across the Atlantic and discovery of our land five hundred years before. 

The Half Dollar's obverse depicts Christopher Columbus setting foot on the new lands. Behind Columbus, the ocean is visible and one of the three ships he used to sail to the new lands. To his side, three men from his crew are visible in the background, and next to a small boat. Below Columbus's right foot is the date 1492 or the year in which the Americas were discovered. To the right of the year 1492 is the year 1992.

The Commemorative Set comes in its original US Mint packaging.