Double Dated Pennies - 1909


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Double Dated Pennies - 1909

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On rare occasions, the United States Mint ends one coin denomination design in the same year that its replacement design is introduced. This collection includes such an instance; it features both the last of the old design and the first of the new design, with both coins bearing the same year date

Includes: Last year of issue 1909 Indian Head cent. Produced by the United States Bureau of the Mint from 1859 to 1909. Designed by James Barton Longacre, the Chief Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint.

1909 Lincoln Wheat Ears cent, first minted in 1909 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. The Lincoln cent was the first U.S. circulating coin to bear a president's image.

Comes in a display box with a Certificate of Authenticity.