First, Last & Bicentennial Ike Dollars


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First, Last & Bicentennial Ike Dollars

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The Eisenhower Dollar was America's last large-size Dollar coin ever minted for circulation. It was minted only from 1971-1978 and is a treasured piece of American history.

The coins are the first (1976) and last (1978) Eisenhower Dollars, as well as the one-time-only 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar.

The obverse features a portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the World War II hero and U.S. President from 1953-1961.  The reverse shows an eagle landing on the moon and carrying an olive branch to symbolize America’s peaceful conquest of space.
The reverse design is an adaptation of the official Apollo 11 mission patch; Apollo 11 in 1969 was the first manned mission to the moon.
A special one-time-only coin was issued in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  This was the first commemorative Dollar coin issued for circulation.  The obverse of this coin has the dual dates “1776-1976.”  The reverse has a unique one-time-only design showing the moon and the Liberty Bell to symbolize 200 years of American history from the American Revolution to the space age.