1999-2009 24K Gold Hologram State Quarters


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1999-2009 24K Gold Hologram State Quarters

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When ordinary isn't good enough, dare to get this unique and limited set of State Quarters that are richly layered in 24 karat gold and enhanced with a hologram.
Your set includes a complete set of state quarters from 1999-2009 and has high-quality gold plating and hologramming to make them extremely unique. Each coin is covered in 7 mils of pure 24 karat gold to give it a rich golden appearance. These are genuine state quarters that are struck by the United States Mint, but the Mint does not have the capacity to add gold layering this process was done at a private company.
The wildly popular State Quarter Program was started in 1999 with five different states honored each year. The order of issue is the order in which the states joined the Union and each state quarter is struck for only about 10 weeks and can never be made again.
56 quarters and frame is included.