Last Barber Quarter & Last Standing Liberty Quarter


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Last Barber Quarter & Last Standing Liberty Quarter

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• Two of America’s most famous classic Quarters are the Barber and Standing Liberty series.
• The Quarter was a key coin in 20th century America, and this collection brings together the coveted last coin in each series. The final coins are particularly treasured among collectors because they mark the end of an era.
• The Barber Quarter is named after its designer, Charles E. Barber, who was Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint. A similar design was used on Dimes and Half Dollars in this era.
• It features a portrait of Liberty on the obverse, while the reverse has a heraldic eagle. It is one of the most famous and beautiful coin designs in U.S. Mint history.
• The last coin was made in 1916, so it is now more than 100 years old.
• In 1916, the Barber coin was replaced with the Standing Liberty Quarter.
• the Standing Liberty Quarter was designed by famed sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil, whose design was selected in a competition among the nation’s foremost sculptors and artists.
• The coin shows Liberty standing with a shield (symbolizing defense) in one hand and an olive branch (symbolizing peace) in the other.
• The reverse of the coin is a dramatic eagle in flight.
• The last Standing Liberty Quarter was issued in 1930; it was replaced with the Washington Quarter in 1932.
• Both the Barber Quarter and Standing Liberty Quarter were struck in 90% silver, a level of precious metal composition that has not been seen in circulating coins in over 50 years.
• Most coins were worn out in circulation generations ago or were melted for the precious silver bullion, leaving just a fraction for today’s collectors. The final-year coins are increasingly hard to find.
• The set is housed in a custom display and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.