Last Circulating Silver Dollars


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Last Circulating Silver Dollars

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Until the 1960’s, silver was a key part of the American monetary system.  Coins from 10¢ to $1 were made in 90% silver, while Silver Certificate bank notes circulated with other currency such as Federal Reserve Notes.
This collection includes the last two types of Silver Dollars made for circulation: the $1 Silver Certificate bank note and the Peace Silver Dollar.
Each Silver Certificate was backed by its face value in Silver Dollars or silver bullion in the United States Treasury, and holders of the notes could exchange them for the silver.
The last Silver Certificate ever issued was the Series of 1957 $1 Silver Certificate.
Silver Certificates have distinctive blue Treasury seals and serial numbers.
Silver Certificates were last redeemable for silver in 1968, but they remain legal tender.
The Peace Silver Dollar was made in 90% silver and was the last U.S. Silver Dollar minted for circulation. Issued as a celebration of world peace after World War I, it was designed by famed sculptor Anthony de Francisci.
The obverse shows Liberty, while the reverse features an eagle holding only an olive branch of peace instead of the usual olive branch and arrows of defense. The word “PEACE” is inscribed at the bottom.