Last Morgan & First Peace Silver Dollar


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Last Morgan & First Peace Silver Dollar

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This stunning set of the last large size circulating Silver Dollars includes a key coin to each collection - a "last" coin in the series and a "first" coin in the series.

You receive one Morgan silver dollar from 1921. The last of these were minted in 1921. Known as the "coin of the Wild West," it contains over 3/4 oz. silver from the famed Comstock Lode in Nevada. The 1-1/2" diameter coin dwarfs those in use today. It's so large, because by law it had to contain exactly one dollar's worth of silver which was then price fixed at $1.29 per ounce. This coin was named after George T. Morgan, its designer, and was minted from 1878 - 1904 and then again in 1921. Few are left, particularly in this great condition, because the Pittman Act of 1918 required that they be melted down for their silver content. The coins feature Lady Liberty on the face and an eagle on back.

The set also includes a Peace silver dollar from 1922. Although they were technically minted in very limited quantities beginning in 1921, full production did not begin until 1922 - which is considered by most collectors as the first year in the series. Sculptor Anthony De Francisci portrayed his wife, Teresa, as Lady Liberty on the face of the coin issued in celebration of the end of World War I. The back features an eagle holding an olive branch of peace and the word "Peace" inscribed on the rocky crag on which its perched. Its size and silver content are the same the Morgan dollar.The Peace Silver Dollar is one of America’s favorite coins. It was the last Silver Dollar minted for circulation, but it has been out of circulation since the last coin was struck over 80 years ago in 1935.

As a result of their large size, solid silver content, stunning beauty, and historical importance, silver dollars are always in tremendous demand and these are the most popular classic American coins.

Due to the massive amounts of silver in each coin, millions were melted to help pay for World War II; millions more were privately melted in the 1980’s when silver reached $50 an ounce; and millions were destroyed or worn out in circulation between 1921 and 1935.

As a result, just a fraction of all coins remain today – and just a fraction of those coins are in collectors condition like the coins offered here.