Lucky Golden Rabbit .9999 Gold $1 Palau Coin


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Lucky Golden Rabbit .9999 Gold $1 Palau Coin

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This unique coin is part of an assortment of coins offered by the Republic of Palau, it's minted from 99% pure gold and features a novel shape and styling.  

The Celts, by around 600 B.C., are known to have associated rabbits with good fortune - the whole rabbit, not just the foot. According to Celtic folklore, the fact that rabbits lived in burrows deep underground meant that they were in direct communication with the gods and spirits of the underworld.

In parts of Britain, the first day of any month is nicknamed “Rabbit Day”. Folklore has it that saying the words “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, “white rabbits”, or even “bunny, bunny” upon waking up on the first day of the month will ensure good luck.

Worldwide limited edition of 15,000.