Obsolete Large Irish Penny


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Obsolete Large Irish Penny

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This genuine bronze coin is an uncirculated Irish one penny.  Struck at the Royal Mint in London from 1928-1968, large pennies were replaced by smaller pennies when Ireland switched to decimal coinage in 1971.  Percy Metcalf designed the coin in 1928, shortly after the formation of independent Ireland. This coin was last minted in 1968. The abbreviation for penny is “d,” from the first letter of the Roman word denarius.

The distinctive design of the 30.82mm penny features an iconic Irish harp on the obverse, long a symbol of good luck. The harp design dates to the reign of King Henry VIII in 1534. The hen and chicks motif on the reverse is a homage to the rural character of Ireland. Because of the rich symbolism—and because these are the last of their kind—this coin became known as a “lucky Irish penny.”