Pouch Of 7 Lucky Coins


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Pouch Of 7 Lucky Coins

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Here's a bag of luck! Each of the “Lucky 7” coins in this collection is a symbol of good luck from around the world.

• The lucky Irish Penny shows an Irish harp.
• Ancient Chinese “Feng Shui” coin is a symbol of luck and good spirits.
• Lucky English sixpence is legendary in folk tales and games for its spirit of luck.
• Coin from Somaliland features a lucky elephant.
• A lucky rabbit is shown on the coin from Tanzania.
• The lucky coin from Congo depicts a turtle.
• The final coin, from Bermuda, features a lucky pig.

Each coin is “lucky” in its own right, and together all seven coins can spread happiness and good fortune to those who own them. The seven coins are delivered in a custom velvet pouch. Order for yourself and to spread happiness and good luck to friends and family members who receive sets as gifts. 4 x 2 ½"