Set of 4 Canada $20 1oz Silver Grizzly Bear Coins


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Set of 4 Canada $20 1oz Silver Grizzly Bear Coins

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These four 1 oz Silver coins are the Royal Canadian Mint's Grizzly Series depicting different scenes in the life of a grizzly bear -  The Catch, Togetherness, Grizzly Bear: Family, (2015), The Battle (2016)

Special features:

  • EDGE LETTERING: With impeccable precision, beautiful edge lettering indicates the coin's metal weight.
  • Crafted from 99.99% pure silver
  • Four-coin grizzly bear fine silver series! Each one drawing you into the grizzly bear's way of life in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Each has a limited mintage worldwide of 6,500.

About "The Catch" Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Lauren Crawshaw, your coin depicts the river valleys of western Canada, where the forests and tall mountains can be seen in the background. It is the fall salmon run; as the salmon make their arduous journey upstream in the fall, one grizzly bear has waded out into the shallow waters to make the catch of the day. When a fish suddenly jumps out of the water, the grizzly (seen in side profile) lunges forward with majestic strength, its large paws and sharp claws ready to capture its protein-rich meal. Beautiful engraving depicts the grizzly in dimensional detail, from its open-mouthed expression to the long furs that are matted by the water.

About the "Togetherness" Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Lauren Crawshaw, your coin features a loving portrait of two grizzly bears forming a bond during the mating season. In the quiet of one of western Canada's forests, a male and a female have come together to begin their brief courtship. Seen in three-quarter profile but with its head turned to the side, the larger-sized male is on all fours in the grassy area where they have spent the day grazing. The smaller sized female is playfully standing against the side of the male, with large fore paws resting on either side of the male's shoulder hump. But the female's gaze is fixed upon the viewer, as though we are intruding upon an intimate moment.

About the "Grizzly Bear: Family" Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Lauren Crawshaw, your coin presents a touching portrait of the bond that exists within a family of grizzly bears, which are rendered with finely detailed engraving. With the mountains of western Canada serving as a backdrop, a female grizzly bear is lying in the grass on a warm summer day; her expression is a touching one that is filled with maternal love and attentive devotion to her brood. One cub playfully stands on its mother's hip with an expressive stance, vocalizing and excitedly moving its forepaws as though communicating a story to its captivated audience. A quieter sibling lies close to the mother, draping itself over the female's forepaw; this cub's head is turned towards the viewer, as though peering hesitatingly out of the coin's image field with an innocent expression. 

About "The Battle" Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Lauren Crawshaw, your coin carries the viewer to one of the many river valleys of western Canada, where tree-covered mountains and glacial peaks form a serene backdrop for this tension-filled scene. Showcasing the intensity of a confrontation between two male grizzlies during mating season, the design includes expert engraving and multiple finishes that capture the finer details such as the bears' long fur and their aggressive body language—even capturing the excess saliva that is produced in their agitated state. While the bear on the left stands higher than the bear on the right, both are erect on their hind legs in the waters of the cold river, leaving their front paws to push upon the opponent in a battle for supremacy and their choice of a mate. 


Each of the four coins are encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clam shell with a graphic beauty box.