Tokelau LOVE CUPCAKE $5 Silver Coin 2015 Proof 1 oz


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Tokelau LOVE CUPCAKE $5 Silver Coin 2015 Proof 1 oz

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Whether you like to bake, you enjoy cake, or you have a special someone in mind, you may celebrate with a silver coin that is guaranteed calorie-free.

Cupcakes are sweet treats that are just the right amount! Not too big and not too small! The delicious morsels of cake can delight the senses in so many ways, from the inevitable smell of vanilla and sugar as the cakes bake, to the visual delight of a cupcake that has been specially decorated. Very few people turn down the offer of a cupcake, because it is the right complement to a meal and a perfect snack.

Even the term, “cupcake,” is endearing because these tiny cakes are so endearing themselves.

The reverse side of the coin bears a freshly baked cupcake that looks as though it is sitting in a shiny wrapper, thanks to the mirror finish on the relief design. Rising above the cake in decadent swirls is a mound of light and creamy frosting, sprinkled with tiny red candy hearts and topped with a cherry.

The obverse side of the 2015 Cake 1oz Silver Colored Proof Tokelau Coin features a cameo of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of Tokelau. She is surrounded by an intricate design just inside the edge of the coin, and the Tokelau badge resides under the legend that indicates the coin’s denomination and purity.

Diameter: 38.61mm
Standard Weight: 1oz
Material: Silver
Fineness: 999
Finish: Colour Proof
Maximum Mintage: 1,500 each design
Legal Tender: Tokelau
Monetary Denomination: NZD 5.00
Year Dated: 2015