WWII Silver Nickel Mint Mark Collection


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WWII Silver Nickel Mint Mark Collection

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During World War II, America’s coins served in more ways than just a means of purchasing items. They actually helped America win the war. Perhaps the most famous example of this is the Silver Nickels that were issued from 1942 to 1945.

Nickel was a valuable component in guns, tanks, and airplanes. Tons of nickel was also used every year in the manufacture of 5¢ Nickel coins. As a result, the U.S. Mint would potentially endanger America’s war effort if it continued to use nickel in coinage – so the U.S. Mint made a dramatic change in 1942 by dropping nickel from the 5¢ Nickel coin.

Instead, the Nickel was made with 35% silver – because the color was right and silver was less valuable for the nation’s defense. Silver has always been one of the most perfect metals for coinage, but the 5¢ “Nickel” coin had never been struck in silver before.

The Silver Nickels were made from 1942 until the war ended in 1945. During this time, they were struck at all three U.S. Mints – Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. This collection includes one vintage coin from each U.S. Mint for a spectacular and very important collection. These are the first and only Silver Nickels in history, and this is the complete Mint Mark set.

In order to identify the Silver Nickels from the regular coins made with nickel, the U.S. Mint included prominent Mint Marks. Unlike the nickel coins, these coins have the Mint Marks placed on the reverse, above the dome of Monticello. A large “D” is for Denver, “S” is for San Francisco, and “P” is for Philadelphia. Prior to this series, no coins from Philadelphia had ever featured a Mint Mark – so this is the first time in history that the “P” mark was ever used.

These coins have been out of issue for over 70 years since World War II. What’s more, millions of silver coins have been melted over the years for the precious silver bullion, leaving just a fraction of the original coins for today’s collectors.

Each coin in this collection is guaranteed genuine and has been hand selected for its beauty and collector value. The complete collection is beautifully displayed in a custom holder and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.