WWII Winston Churchill Collection


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WWII Winston Churchill Collection

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Winston Churchill was a legendary figure in world history. The British Prime Minister during World War II, he was a loyal American ally and a great supporter of the Americans during and after the war. To honor his place in American history, in 1963 Churchill became the first person ever to be granted honorary American citizenship. He died in 1965.

This collection is a tribute to Churchill and his role in World War II.  The coin is a commemorative Crown issued by the British Royal Mint in 1965, shortly after Churchill’s death. A Crown was the largest and most prestigious coin issued by the British.  The reverse depicts a portrait of Churchill.  This was the first time the British had ever allowed a “commoner” to be portrayed on an official coin. Previously, only members of the royal family were featured on coins.  The obverse depicts a portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II.

Also included is a genuine £1 (One Pound) note issued for use by the British Armed Forces overseas in the aftermath of World War II.  The note was printed by Thomas de la Rue in London, the same high-security printer that has produced regular British bank notes and other security products since the 1800’s. The note was made to the same high quality and with the same security features as a standard British £1 note of the era.  British Armed Forces notes were originally issued at the end of World War II to help combat inflation and a raging black market in areas of Europe where the British were overseeing the post-war reconstruction.

The collection is presented in a custom wallet with fascinating historical information.