WWII Workhorse Collection


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WWII Workhorse Collection

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This collection features three historic American coins that were used on a daily basis by American's during WWII.  They were the “workhorse” coins of the era and symbolize the determination of the American people.

To save valuable copper for the war effort, the U.S. Mint made Lincoln Pennies with steel instead of copper in 1943. This was a one-year-only coin type and the first and only steel coin in U.S. history.

Another special World War II coin was the Silver Nickel. Nickel was a valuable component in guns, tanks, and airplanes, so the U.S. Mint made Nickels in a new alloy that included 35% silver.  Made only from 1942 to 1945, this “emergency” coin was the first and only Silver Nickel in U.S. history.

The collection also includes the historic 90% silver Mercury Silver Dime from the World War II era.

These coins were last made over 65 years ago, and they quickly disappeared from circulation after the war ended. Each is a sought-after collector’s item in its own right, and together they make a superb collection dating to World War II.