Yesteryear U.S. Coin Collection


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Yesteryear U.S. Coin Collection

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This collection features five classic U.S. coins that were issued by the U.S. Mint. The coins are widely sought-after for their timeless designs and compelling stories. These coins are seldom seen today. Each is a historic collector’s item, and together they make a collection that brings back memories of days gone by.
All coins are over 50 years old, and the Indian Head Penny is over 100 years old.
Three of the coins were struck in 90% silver.
The Indian Head Penny was first struck over 150 years ago in 1859. It depicts Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, and it served as America’s Penny for 50 years until 1909. It is one of America’s classic coins of yesteryear.
The Buffalo Nickel was a symbol of “Wild West” culture and heritage. The obverse is a composite portrait of three Native American chiefs, while the reverse features a stunning image of a buffalo.
The Mercury Dime is especially memorable because it was wrongly named. It features Liberty – not Mercury (the Roman messenger of the gods who wore wings on his sandals to represent the speed with which he delivered messages) – but the public called it a Mercury Dime. It was struck in 90% silver.
The Standing Liberty Quarter was a short-lived coin struck only from 1916-1930. It was made in 90% silver.
The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar was the first year of issue and the only coin made for circulation in 90% silver. It honors President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963.
Most coins were worn out or damaged in circulation generations ago, leaving few for today’s collectors. Owning just one of these coins is a collector’s dream, but to own all five coins of yesteryear in a single collection like this is a rare accomplishment.